Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will play in a short week in Week 6, and the veteran quarterback won’t be 100 percent in the competition.

Brady deals with a thumb injury he sustained during Tampa Bay’s 45-17 win over the Dolphins. It happened when he hit his hand on the helmet and hit Miami defensive tackle Christian Wilkins while throwing a pass.

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The blow happened in the first half, but Brady played throughout the rest of the match against the Dolphins. He knocked out the competition with a twist on his finger but appeared to be in good spirits after totaling 411 yards and five TDs in a Tampa Bay win. He even joked that he no longer cared about trying to cover up his injuries.

“In my younger days, I probably wouldn’t have shown you guys,” Brady said of his thumb cover to reporters after Sunday’s game. ESPN. “Maybe I’m trying to keep it a secret. But, I guess, as I get older, I don’t care much. It’s just a football injury, so I’m going to do my best to prepare for this game – we’ll see what happens.”

So, will he play Tom Brady? And how healthy is it? Here’s what we know about the thumb problem he’s dealing with.

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Tom Brady injury update

Brady does not appear to be in danger of losing the match against the Eagles. He described his injured thumb as “aching” in training on Tuesday, but seemed to indicate he was ready to go.

“I think it hurts a little bit, but I expected it to be. But I think I’ll be fine for Thursday,” Brady told reporters. ESPN. “No serious injury at all. It’s just an inconvenience, but I think this should end here in the next day or two.”

As Brady explained, he would have ignored the injury had it not been for the fact that it was in his hand.

“If it was my left hand, I wouldn’t even think about it for two seconds,” Brady said. “But the fact that these are your two hands that are throwing it – there’s not a lot that matters to a quarterback. Maybe your right shoulder, right elbow and right hand, so any time you know you’re getting hits on one of those, it could be an issue.”

He was also taking care of his injury extra because the Bucs are in a short week.

“That’s just, you’re playing a game, and you’re beaten — dealing with bumps and bruises year-round. It just so happens that this bruise is on my hand,” Brady said. “I’m just trying to be preventive and careful and be smart – it’s been less than 48 hours since this happened – so it’s not like he has five or six days to do his work. But I feel confident I’m going to go out there and do what I have to do.”

Brady probably won’t throw as much as he usually does – he averages 45 pass attempts in the league per game – but he appears healthy enough to fit in.

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Tom Brady played through a thumb injury in 2018

Brady has actually played through a thumb injury that looks worse during his career. This came in the run-up to the 2018 Asian Championship match against Jaguar.

As a member of the Patriots, Brady was training on Wednesday when he was injured in a routine handover to Rex Burkhead. He jammed his thumbs hard on the play etc. Jeff Benedict in detail in his book for the year 2020, “Strain,” Brady’s base of thumb tore his skin. It caused a major tear that required minor surgery and sutures.

No one was sure if Brady would be able to play against Jaguar after the injury. He even confided to Dr. Matthew Lipman, a Patriots hand and wrist surgeon, that he feared the worst after the injury occurred.

“I thought this injury was going to be the end of my career,” Brady said.

But somehow, Brady was able to play despite being only halfway through his 8-10 day recovery, completing 26 of 38 passes for 290 yards and two touchdowns. He had no turns in the game.

If he paid to play through that, it’s hard to imagine him opening the way for Blaine Jabert on Thursday with the disease.

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