With positive tests for COVID-19 continuing to hit the NFL this week, a team that has dealt with a slew of cases could see its game decline.

Reports said Sunday’s clash with the Seahawks may be postponed after Los Angeles experienced a massive wave of positive tests that sent more than 20 players to the COVID roster.

NFL COVID-19 TRACKER: Updated team-by-team player roster for week 15

The Rams score a fine win over the North’s leading NFC Cardinals to move into a game from the top of the division, but they’ll play without a number of key players, including Galen Ramsey and Odell Beckham Jr., in case of a match. It will be held Sunday.

Sports News keeps track of the latest Rams-Seahawks game news, and will update this post with the latest information.

Rams vs Seahawks news updates for week 15

The NFL makes the postponement official; The game will be played on Fox

(December 17): The league has officially announced the postponement of the match. Fox is scheduled to air it at 7 p.m. ET, the same time as the Washington Eagles game.

The Rams-Seahawks are expected to move into Tuesday

(December 17): Sunday’s showdown between NFC West’s opponents now looks like it will start on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, along with the Washington Eagles’ game. These will be the second and third games to be disqualified from the original start date after the Browns-Raiders game, originally scheduled for Saturday, was moved to Monday. I mentioned shifter Start time will be 7 PM EST for the Rams Seahawks.

Tuesday seems like an option for the Rams Seahawks

(December 17): Schefter reports that the Rams-Seahawks match may be pushed back to Tuesday, so that the game will start from the original Sunday again.

Rams-Seahawks can be one of several postponed

(December 17): According to multiple reports, the NFL is considering postponing several Week 15 games, including the Rams and Seahawks game.

NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero reports that the decision to postpone the games will be a medical one and that it will not be for competitive reasons. He also added it “The majority of players want to get rid of the COVID protocols.”

25 players on Rams’ COVID roster

(December 17): USA Today reported That there were 25 players on the Los Angeles roster and coaching staff who are currently on the COVID roster. Among them are starters such as Ramsay, Beckham, Jordan Fuller, Rob Hafenstein and von Miller.

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