When Bailey Zappe is the signal caller, who needs a balanced offense? Certainly not western Kentucky.

The Hilltoppers are 8-5 with a game against the Appalachian State at the Boca Raton Bowl on Saturday looming (11 a.m. ET, that’s a good record. Most coaches would probably sign up for that every year if they could.

But WKU’s offense – particularly through the air – is much more than a fine. It’s leagues on top of that, in fact, in large part because of Zappe and wide receiver Gereth Stearns, who ranks second nationally in receiving yards and third in touchdowns.

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But Zappe has grown into one of the top passers-by in college football despite playing in a Group of 5 school and spending time in FCS before this year. Western Kentucky ranks second nationally in scoring (43.1 points per game), total attacking (527.5 yards per game) and first in passing attack (434.6 yards per game). She’s 125 in the lunge attack (92.8 yards per game).

There is a lack of balance. But it doesn’t seem to matter.

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And when Zappe takes the field against App State, he’ll be looking to make NCAA history in two classes and continue his meteoric rise as a pass.

Sports News has all the info you need about Bailey Zappe and the records that can fall before the clock hits 0:00 in South Florida.

What FBS records can Billy Zappie break?

Zappe will hold two records for one season: most passing yards and most touchdowns.

The odds of him marking the yardage seem pretty good. With 5,545 yards already out this season, he needs another 289 yards to break the previous 18-year-old Texas Tech QB BJ Symons record of 5,833. Zappe averages over 426 yards per game.

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The odds of him breaking the relegation record look good too. With 56 already this year, he needs four more to tie former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow at 60 and five to pass. Zappe averages four touchdown passes per game over the last six games.

But the Appalachian State gave up only 12 passing touchdowns all year, going just 206.6 yards per game and 6.8 yards per achievement, so Zappe could cut his work.

Where did Billy Sapphire come from?

Zappe is in his first year with the Hilltoppers playing with Tyson Helton. He moved on from the FCS Houston Baptist, where he was also a prolific trans.

In his three years carving the Southland Conference (2018-20), Zabe has passed 8,466 yards and 73 touchdowns while completing 61.9 percent of his passes. It was under the tutelage of offensive coordinator Zach Keatley, who followed Zappy to Western Kentucky but left the program before the bowl game to take the same job at Texas Tech.

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Zappe also posted great numbers at his high school in Texas, but Houston Baptiste was the only school that offered him a scholarship. He was Southland’s top attacking player last year.

He had no problem jumping into FBS. He’s passed for over 300 yards in 12 of 13 games and over 400 yards seven times. He has never played a game this season with less than three touchdowns.

What is Bailey Zappe’s NFL Stock?

Contrary to some expected first-round picks, Zappe isn’t giving up his bowl game to prepare for the NFL Draft. He ranks first nationally in passing yards and relegation and ninth in completion percentage.

But even with such impressive numbers, many outlets see it as a third-day pick, with Comparison of it with ESPN To current Washington F.C. player Taylor Hynek.

He’s second nationally in finals and first in passing attempts, so he’s clearly got enough reps and has shown that he has a big arm and can make accurate throws. Now, it may just come down to how Zappe performed on the big stage and whether he won any believer. This match will be one of his first matches on national television.

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