All roads lead to Reid.

Andy Reid has been the head coach of The Chiefs since 2013, but long after his departure from “City of Brotherly Love,” Reid’s fingerprints are still littered all over the Eagles. In a way, shape or form, Reed has been a kind of invisible hand in appointing the team’s three head coaches since then – and the current quarterback.

Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and now Nick Siriani all have a strange six-degree kind of Reid class: although there is no “training tree” per se, there is some sort of Reed connection between the other three coaches and Reed, which leads to the question: Why can’t the eagles leave Reed?

Here’s Reid’s weird relationship that’s been around since he left as head coach after the 2012 season.

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Chip Kelly

Reed’s relationship? He followed Reed as coach of the Eagles in 2013

Register: 26-21

In keeping with the theme of offensive innovation, Chip Kelly took charge of the Eagles in 2013 before being fired in the wake of the 2015 season, emerging from a field of nearly a dozen candidates to coach to lead the Eagles in the post-Reed era.

Kelly, an incredibly sexy coaching commodity from Oregon, has been publicized for his high-speed advance offenses coming out of college, losing just seven games as head coach to the Ducks between 2009 and 2012. The NFL was turning more and more towards the college style game And Kelly, apparently, was a good fit at the time.

While Presidents and Reid split after 13 seasons together, the divorce was far from acrimonious: In fact, Reed helped screen the top coaching candidates for the Eagles job vacancy in the process, including Kelly, who eventually got the gig.

Kelly took the time To thank Reed at his introductory press conference.

“One person I’d like to thank, in terms of advice on this whole thing, is Andy Reed,” Kelly said at the time of his appointment. “And the fact that Andy reached out to me and told me about his experience here just told me what this organization is about. There is no such thing as a first-class man.

“When Andy texted me (Wednesday) when I accepted the job, I told him I already had really big shoes to put on. And in typical Andy way he said, ‘Just be yourself and you’ll be fine.'” So I just want to publicly thank Andy, because that really spoke to me about what this organization is all about.”

“I have a close enough relationship with Andy that I can probably rule out some candidates if Andy feels they weren’t good enough in that sense,” owner Jeffrey Lowery said while looking for coaching. “That’s how close we are. I know how he feels about Chip Kelly and it’s great.”

While Kelly’s era was short-lived – and not particularly successful – the Eagles once again relied on Reed’s touch with the next employee.

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Doug Pederson

Reed’s relationship? OC Chiefs under Reed (2013-15); He trained with the Eagles between 2009-12; He played with the Eagles in 1999 as Reid’s QB

Register as Head Coach: 42-37-1, won the Super Bowl 52

A decade after capturing the Eagles, Pederson was appointed as the Eagles’ offensive quality control coach in 2009, eventually working his way up the ranks to offensive coordinator, following Reed to the Chiefs in 2013.

In 2015, The Chiefs continued a 10-game streak to finish the season after a 1-5 start, thanks in large part to Reid handing over play contact tasks to Pederson. Pederson was interviewing, and getting a job coaching the head of the Eagles.

The Eagles’ hiring of Reed’s apprentice came as no shock, as the team tried to rekindle some of the consistency and winning ways they had under Reid. It will also be very successful. The Eagles will do something under Pederson they haven’t done under Reed: win the Super Bowl.

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Reed’s relationship? He served under Pederson as OC between 2016 and 2017. Pederson served as Reid’s OC between 2013 and 2015.

Register as Head Coach: Unavailable

Reich was the Eagles’ captain in their Super Bowl winning season in 2016 under Pederson and was stuck with the team until 2017, eventually getting a job coaching the Colts after Patriots OC Josh McDaniels slipped at the last second.

Rich’s career as a coach began at Indy, jumping to Arizona and San Diego before landing with the Eagles in 2016. The current Indy coach brought a former San Diego co-worker to the Colts: current Eagles coach Nick Siriani.

While Reich did not work directly with Reid, working under Reid’s disciple is the best thing.

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Nick Syriani

Reed’s relationship? Launched by Reed in 2013; He trained with Frank Reich in San Diego; Reich appointed her to the position of OC in Indianapolis in 2018

Register as Head Coach: 2-3

… which brings us back to the current coach of the Eagles.

Siriani served under Reich as the Colts offensive coordinator between 2018 and 2020, eventually being appointed as the Eagles’ coach. Filling Reid (and to a different extent, Pederson) shoes as head coach aren’t the only link between the two.

Coincidentally, Ciriani had crossed with Reed before: He was fired by “Big Reed” when Reed took the reins in Kansas City in 2013. Ceriani later landed with Charger in 2013, to work alongside Reich. Siriani has mentioned in the past that he only met Reed, by chance, when he was handed the walking papers.

“The coach gave Reed the job of telling me I no longer work there,” Siriani said recently. “So, you know, but he was cool. It was actually a great conversation I had with him. And I really respected the fact that he took the time to meet me, he told me what he heard about me.”

And now he’s walked all the way to Reed’s previous job in Philadelphia.

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Wait… Galen Hurts?

Reed’s relationship? Discovered by the chiefs, Reed before enlistment.

Oh, but it doesn’t end with training ranks.

The Philadelphia team drafted the Eagles starting quarterback in 2020, but before he was selected by Philly’s front desk, Copper reached out to a third party to get an opinion on the Oklahoma pass. Who was he?

You guessed it – Andy Reed.

According to Tim McManus of ESPN, the Eagles sought Reed’s opinion of Hurts, as well as his thoughts on drafting the quarterback with a key player on the roster. This is a situation Reed faced on several occasions in Philadelphia (he drafted Kevin Kolb, signing Michael Vick with Donovan McNab) as well as in Kansas City (he drafted someone named Patrick Mahomes to sit behind Alex Smith).

McManus also mentioned that the Eagles “appreciated Reed’s opinion a long time ago” — which is pretty obvious, if you’ve stuck with it that far.

What a tangle we weave.

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