Twice it looked like the Cowboys had scored a touchdown. First, they were judged in a nutshell. Second, they judged him and delivered him.

Dak Prescott tried a pair of sneaks into the middle of the Patriots’ 1-yard line, and on the first try, it looked like he’d come in. However, it was judged briefly and the play was not reviewed. On the next attempt, he tried to jump over the pile, and while he was initially called a landing, the review found that he fumbled the ball and that New England got it back before 1:30 halftime.

The Patriots finished the clock from there to lead 14-10 in the first half.

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Why did Dak Prescott’s landing reverse?

This wasn’t even the most controversial of the two calls. A video review showed what appeared to be quite the obvious as full back Ja’Whaun Bentley tossing the ball into Prescott’s hand as he dives across the goal line.

As Prescott was trying to cross the goal line, he began to lose possession of the ball as he was seen falling from his hands. According to NFL rules, the ball must remain in possession of the ball while it crosses the level of the goal line.

It was a huge blow to a Dallas team that was struggling to score against the Patriots in the first half. The Cowboys had scored a ground goal and a goal earlier, but two other leads during the game ended up spinning a touchdown and an interception.

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Why hasn’t Prescott’s third dash been reviewed?

As mentioned earlier, every registration game is reviewed. However, if a player is judged short, they will not automatically be reviewed by the judges.

Cowboys’ hands were tied in the play. All they can do is try to run another play.

NFL rules status Head coaches can challenge plays and wonder if the ball has broken the goal line level. However, this rule is being replaced by the rule which states only that the Replay Officer, Vice President of Senior Management, or his designee can initiate a play review after two minutes of warning for each run.

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Unfortunately for the Cowboys, that third attempt was the first game right after the two-minute warning.

So all coach Mike McCarthy could have told his team to do was run in there and try to play again. This was less controversial than the third attempt.

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