The best in the nation? Jamal Adams was hardly better in the building on a Sunday night.

The Seahawks’ safety had a unique way of introducing himself during the Steelers-Seahawks player videos Sunday night: Instead of saying his college (LSU), high school (Hebron, Carrollton, Texas) or even his elementary school, Adams followed his name by saying he was “the best in the world.” country”.

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While Adams’ confidence is second to none in the NFL, this wasn’t just an advertisement for his skill level. Adams was apparently referring to a viral video showing Trabes Ward, a former Tennessee State University football player, who was shot and killed in October 2020.

The video, now 13, shows Ward exaggerating himself, including calling himself “the best in the country,” with some emphasis on the “nation” part.

In any case, Adams’ signal was not picked up by many spectators during the “Sunday Night Football” match. The Seattle Safety team, who signed a big financial deal during an off-season, continued to perform lightly in the loss to the Steelers, continuing their dismal 2021 season as part of one of the worst defensive units in the league.

The Seahawks were falling to the Steelers 23-20 in overtime, with Adams on the hook due to several missed opportunities to make game-changing plays, including a Ben Roethlisberger pass that hit him in a face mask.

Viewers won’t let Adams’ hype slip by, serving up a slice of humble pie during and after the loss:

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