Even the No. 20 Florida inversion could help Ed Orgeron keep his job. According to a report from Ross Dillinger from Sports Illustrated, the LSU’s sixth-year coach reached a severance agreement with the school, and officially ended his tenure after just two seasons after going 15-0 with one of the best college football teams of all time.

According to Dillinger, Orgeron will continue to coach the team through the 2021 season after starting the year 4-3. This move makes sense, as it allows the team to have some semblance of stability as the school conducts what is likely to be a search for high-level training.

The move is somewhat surprising because Orgeron wasn’t removed until two calendar years from his team’s 2019 national championship season. However, there is precedent for coaches leaving their programs after championship seasons: Former Auburn coach Gene Chezek was fired at Auburn after a 3-9 season in 2012. , two years after leading the Tigers to the BCS Championship.

Regardless, reports indicate that the move isn’t one-sided, and that both Orgeron and LSU reached terms of the agreement before Saturday’s game against Florida kicks off.

With that, Sporting News breaks Orgeron’s break with the Tigers, where they go from here and what that means for his contract:

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Why did LSU shoot Ed Orgeron?

LSU has not technically launched the Orgeron. The two parties agreed to separate. However, that agreement didn’t happen all of a sudden: LSU continued its 2019 championship campaign with a dismal 5-5 record amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tigers didn’t do much better in 2021, starting 3-3 before scoring a surprise win over the Gators in Baton Rouge. The thinking at the time was that he would allow Orgeron to keep his job for at least another week, although Sunday news refutes that theory. Tigers are 9-8 years old since 2019.

According to Dillinger, the agreement stems from a fractious relationship between Orgeron and management that includes “public and private behaviour”, “distrust” and “agitation”.

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Hey ho! Pete Thamel of the sport provided additional background on the situation, reporting that coaches and players no longer wanted to follow Orgeron’s progress:

the athlete He also provided an in-depth investigation into the situation at LSU, reporting that a myriad of issues led to LSU’s decision to abandon Orgeron. According to a source close to the situation, Orgeron “lost his tracks” following his team’s 2019 championship season. He also reportedly became a distraction after divorcing his wife Kelly, whom he has been married to for 23 years. For example, photos of Orgeron in bed with a woman went viral in 2020; At The Athletic, there were no moral objections to his solo lifestyle, although it robbed him of preparation for matches.

The Athletic reported that Orgeron also made progress on the case of a woman at a gas station, who then told him that she was married and pregnant. He replied, “Why is this important?” The woman ended up becoming the wife of a high-ranking official at LSU.

Other issues that led to the decision include a high-profile investigation titled IX at LSU in which Orgeron was reported to have been told about former runner Derrius Guice sexually assaulting a 74-year-old woman and did nothing. Orgeron’s comments in support of former President Donald Trump – whose black players believe he espouses racist ideologies and theories – contributed to his loss to his team. So did his lack of support for players’ protests against racial inequality and injustice ahead of the start of the 2020 season.

On the football field, the team’s lack of success — made worse by Orgeron’s admission that he had never formally met defensive coordinator Beau Bellini or offensive coordinator Scott Linehan — made it impossible for LSU sporting director Scott Woodward, who neither hired Orgeron nor had loyalty. Him, to overlook issues outside the field.

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Why Ed Orgeron will continue to coach the Tigers until the end of 2021

Despite Orgeron’s failures on and off the field, he still put together what is on paper one of the most talented teams in the country. That and the fact that he was removed for two years from the National Championship season likely also contributed to LSU’s decision to allow him to stay through the season. At 4-3, the Tigers were just two wins away from achieving pot eligibility, despite facing opponents ranked in the Ole Miss, Alabama and Texas A&M in the last five games. It’s also possible that Arkansas will enter the top 25 as well.

There is also a practical approach to allowing Orgeron to finish his tenure in Baton Rouge: It provides stability for a program that is still in flux while the school conducts an internship search. The Tigers will need some semblance of success this season to retain any committed players in the 2022 class. The LSU class is currently ranked ninth nationally and third in the SEC, per 247 Sports Composite Categories.

Ed Orgeron’s contract

the athlete It was reported on Sunday that Orgeron is expected to pay the entire acquisition at the end of the season. according to USA Today reportsThis figure is estimated at $17.5 million. Orgeron received on January 24, 2020 a Six-year contract extension worth $42 million That paid out an average of $7 million a year. The move came just 11 days after LSU defeated Clemson in the 2020 College Football Playoff Championship game.

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