From a painful choice to a very painful vision.

Step by step, Eagles bystander Galen Hurts slowly calms questions about whether or not he can be a successful long-term player in Philadelphia. Although there’s a long, long way to go in 2021, Hurts has been surprisingly positive in a Philadelphia Eagles season that wasn’t expected to have many of those.

By all accounts, Hurts has a better year in 2021 than he did in 2020 as a start under Doug Pederson. While Hurts wasn’t quite drafted to replace Eagles champ Carson Wentz—at least, not if you believe Pederson—he eventually did, and now, he’s making the most of his chance as a sophomore rookie.

Hurts has already surpassed his 2020 totals in yards and touchdowns completing less than 65 percent of his passes for the Eagles 2-3 so far this year, continuing his truly impressive football career that started in Alabama, moved to Oklahoma and is now landing with the Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love.

But if the Eagles didn’t take Hurts to replace Wentz, why was he chosen in the first place?

Why did the Eagles recruit Galen Hurts?

Among other reasons, Philly had his own plan to put the mischief into action: “Taysom Hill on steroids.”

On the night of the 2020 NFL Draft, reports from the Eagles indicated that Hurts had not been drafted to replace Carson Wentz. Instead, the Eagles had a chance to use the former Oklahoma (and Alabama) passer as a player with a Swiss army knife like Hill.

Former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he was planning to use Hurts in the role of Taysom Hill, which led to ideas about a quarterback system with Philadelphia. That plan was very ambitious.

The idea received criticism, with some believing Hurts didn’t deserve such a high choice (#53 overall) when the Eagles had other obvious needs on the list. Pedersen explained the dynamics of the existence of two QBs in the room at once after the check.

With Jalen Hurts, he has a unique skill set. You see what Taysom Hill did in New Orleans and now he and Drew Breeze have a link there and a link there, and you can even look at – when [Joe] Flaco and Lamar [Jackson] In Baltimore for a short period of time, how they crystallized together. It’s just something we’ll explore. I want to make a point here first of all that Jalen Hurts is a good quarterback, he was recruited as a quarterback and he’s a quarterback first, but he has a unique skill set and he’s a great runner. He obviously throws well while jogging. He has a unique set of skills that we will be taking a look at as we continue to develop this season and this progress, so to speak, as we prepare for training camp.

Well, the football gods laugh at your best plans. Wentz, in the current position, had a really bad year with the Eagles, leading to increased picks for Hurts as the season drew to a close. After leading the league in turnovers, Wentz was eventually put on the bench in the second half of the Eagles’ Week 13 against the Packers, and this would be the last shot he would take with Philly.

Hurts would be picked as a starter for Week 14, and eventually played three games for the Eagles until he was pulled in the final game of the season in favor of Nate Sudfeld.

In all, prior to Week 14, Hurts had played 56 attacking shots in 10 quarterback games, running back and forth. Hurts played most of those shots, even though it’s QB. For comparison, Hill had 217 shots in nine weeks before filling in for Drew Brees last year. Hurts didn’t get exactly the same size in the Hill-mould.

But he’s gained a lot of size now, and with Nick Siriani, he’s making the most of it.

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