As the impending GTA Trilogy looms in the background, some fans are wondering if Bigfoot will finally make an appearance. However, they may be disappointed.

Recently, the GTA forums revealed hidden achievements of the Rockstar Launcher. It displays icons for both classic games, including GTA San Andreas. There is one in particular that stands out. Rockstar once again acknowledged the Bigfoot mystery.

This mythical creature is exactly that – mythical. It was never found in the original GTA San Andreas. However, players continued to search for him in the countryside. Thanks to Bigfoot’s leaked achievement, this rumor has been dispelled.

GTA Trilogy: Why Bigfoot won’t appear

GTA Forums user Alloc8or posted a full list of the leaked achievements. This includes relevant images and interesting descriptions. Thanks to Alloc8or, players can know what to expect in the GTA Trilogy. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the legendary big man.

The leaked achievement indicates that Bigfoot is already dead

Bigfoot videos have been faked for years in GTA San Andreas. The above is an excellent example. Unfortunately for players, they need to rely on mods to bring back Bigfoot because it might not even be in the GTA Trilogy.

According to Alloc8or, there is a mysterious achievement called 81 years too late. It is accompanied by an image of a giant footprint. What the achievement does can be found in the following description:

“Spend 24 Hours Walking In The Countryside (In Search Of The Big Foot)”

It’s simply a tongue-in-cheek joke about the Bigfoot legend. All players have to do is spend a lot of time near Mount Chiliad. Fans of the GTA trilogy may be disappointed to hear the bad news.

What does 81 years too late mean?

Some players may be wondering what the title refers to. Rockstar is reconnecting with the popular Red Dead Redemption series. One of its DLC packs (Undead Nightmare) takes place in 1911. John Marston can take out a Sasquatch, presumably the last of its kind.

GTA San Andreas takes place in 1992, 81 years after the nightmare of the undead. This is where the name comes from. However, there is more than that.

Once a Sasquatch is found, players can earn the achievement after six years of work. Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010, six years after GTA San Andreas. Everything comes full circle in GTA Trilogy.

Rockstar loves Bigfoot references

It’s no surprise that Rockstar somehow recognizes Bigfoot in the GTA Trilogy. It is arguably the most famous legend from GTA San Andreas. The creature has been referenced in both GTA 5 and Online. One example is in the video above, where Franklin finds a man in a costume.

Bigfoot has deeply entrenched itself in the tradition of the series. Although he may not be physically involved in the GTA trilogy, his legacy lives on. Rockstar continues to honor this famous legend.

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