Could any Manchester United manager, let alone under fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, survive their worst 5-0 home loss to rival Liverpool?

That’s the question Man United supporters and club managers grapple with in the wake of the embarrassing events, according to reports on Monday. The Manchester Evening News Presents That “the club’s hierarchy is paying serious attention to sending Solskjaer off before United’s next game.”

Solskjaer still feels he is the right man for the job and is not about to step down even though he has called it “rock bottom”:

“You’ve come a very, very long way as a group,” Solskjaer told the media after Liverpool’s loss. “We’re very close to giving up now. It’s going to be a tough job.” “The players will be low, but there’s a lot of character out there. We know we’re rock bottom, we can’t feel any worse than this. Let’s see where we take it.”

The case against Solskjaer

Despite a number of big signings this season, including Raphael Varane ($44m paid for Real Madrid), Jadon Sancho ($93m paid for Borussia Dortmund) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($16m for Juventus), Manchester United have not played well this season. . Even their victories were not convincing.

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United have run a four-game winning streak without success in the league, leaving them seventh in the standings, eight points behind leaders Chelsea. The Red Devils were already eliminated from the Carabao Cup (the League Cup) and had to fall behind in their last two Champions League games to win after opening with a shock loss to Young Boys of Switzerland. The 5-0 loss to Liverpool was the low point in a few challenging weeks.

Solskjaer’s tactics were also called into question: the team showed a lack of organization and coordinated movements without the ball, and no development in the offensive sequence, which relied instead on moments of individual brilliance. The UEFA Champions League elite competition revealed those failures with his teams losing about half of the matches played in the competition (7 out of 13).

All this led to public comments from his players about tactics and game tactics, and this led to reports that Solskjaer had lost “the confidence of a number of players”:

But there are still voices in the press, including some of his former Man United teammates, that Solskjaer needs more time and royal support. One report even blames the club American owners to maintain low standards Which led to this moment of crisis for the club.

Solskjaer contract with Manchester United

After finishing second in the Premier League last season (12 points behind Manchester City) and leading Manchester United to the Europa League final (lost on penalties to Villarreal), Manchester United Solskjaer awarded a new three-year contract in July which runs until 2024. That would make parting ways with the Norwegian very difficult for management.

Since the passing of Sir Alex Ferguson, Solskjaer has enjoyed the longest driving time and the most investment of players:

boss Access article matches Premier League Awards
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer December 19, 2018 Unavailable 165 Sixth, third, second, seventh (current) 0
Jose Mourinho May 27 2016 December 18, 2018 144 Sixth, Second, Sixth (December 2018) 3
Louis van Gal 16 July 2014 May 23 2016 103 fourth and fifth 1
David Moyes July 1, 2013 April 22 2014 51 Seventh (April 2014) 1

Who will become the coach of Manchester United?

There is one primary candidate in the headlines in Italy’s Antonio Conte, who is emerging from a league title-winning season with Inter Milan in Italy. He left the club in the summer after spending cuts led to the transfer of a number of stars. He is awaiting his next assignment, although it has already leaked that he is interested in a Man United job:

Conte has a reputation for making the most of his teams, especially in the domestic league, where he won five league titles with Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan. However, success on the European scene has proven elusive, and the closest he has come to continental titles was the 2020 Europa League final he lost to Sevilla.

One UK sports betting has odds on the list From the managers and Conte is at the top of the list as expected. In addition to the 52-year-old Italian, the name of former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is also in the mix, and he once coached Ronaldo at Real Madrid. The other three coaches have been appointed by other clubs and have made it clear that they are not considering a move anytime soon.

boss current club Prospect
Antonio Conte free agent 2.88
Zinedine Zidane free agent 5.5
Brendan Rodgers Leicester City 8.5
Mauricio Pochettino Paris Saint-Germain 11
Eric Ten Hag Ajax 12

When can Manchester United change managers?

Some clubs are waiting until the extended breaks offered by FIFA’s international windows for World Cup qualifiers. While players are outside of their national teams, new coaches usually have 10 to 14 days to settle in and work out a game plan before their first official match in charge.

That may not be an option for Manchester United, who have two big league games (in Tottenham, against Manchester City) and a pivotal Champions League match against Atalanta before the international break begins in November.

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Because the new manager may not be too eager to take a wrong position against this level of high-quality opposition, the team can also choose to install an interim manager, usually an assistant, to guide the team through this period with input from the new boss, while the transition is being worked on. To the new city and other logistics.

The best-case scenario for Solskjaer would be to convince management to give him until the November break to change the situation despite the 5-0 loss to Liverpool, which could require a lot.

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