After losing 28-22 to the Buccaneers on Thursday night, the Eagles announced on Friday morning that they trade three times by Zach Ertz’s tight Pro Bowl finish to the undefeated Cardinal (5-0).

Ertz played with the Eagles throughout his eight-year career. Through six games this season, Ertz has 189 receiving and two touchdown yards. According to ESPN, Ertz in 48.6 percent of fantasy listings.

Vice President and General Manager of Eagles Howie Roseman said Ertz was aware that Thursday night’s game might be his last as an eagle. The team allowed him to be the captain of the match, and Erts seemed emotional afterward.

Speaking to the media Friday morning after the trade was announced, Ertz was emotional while discussing what his “home” means to him.

“Philadelphia is home,” Ertz said, via NBCShilly. “It was hard to explain to people, that I love this place. I said it all the time. I loved it here. I did my best, every day. I could leave knowing it.”

One of Ertz’s biggest moments as an eagle was catching his last touchdown pass in Super Bowl LII to secure Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl win. He also finished his career as an eagle with the second most receptions in team history.

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Here’s why and how the Cardinals trade for a tight end.

Will Zach Erts play this weekend?

Ertz won’t debut with the Cardinals until Week 7 against Texas on Sunday, October 24. NFL players cannot compete in two games in one week, and because Ertz played Thursday nights with the Eagles, he would be sidelined for the Cardinals. Match against Brown on Sunday.

The only other narrow finish for the Cardinals on their depth chart is Demetrius Harris, who doesn’t have any reception yards this season.

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Why Trade Eagles Zack Arts?

In 2020, the Eagles were using the narrow ends 35% of the time. However, in 2021, that percentage drops to only 22 percent of the time. Therefore, the Eagles took advantage of saving money in their hat space by getting a player and choosing in return.

The Eagles plan to use Dallas Guedert in Erts’ place. Goedert is in his final year on his rookie contract, so his future with the Eagles remains uncertain beyond this season. However, Goedert did not play Thursday night because he is on the COVID-19/disease reserve list. His return is currently unknown.

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On the other hand, the Cardinals relied heavily on Max Williams for their tight end position. However, during Sunday’s game against 49 players, they lost Williams to a season-ending knee injury. Coach Cliff Kingsbury announced Williams’ status on Wednesday. Williams completed 193 receiving yards and one touchdown in five games. Darrell Daniels’ Narrow Backup tested positive for COVID-19 last week and has not been reactivated on the roster yet. Therefore, the Cardinals were in dire need of a tight end.

Trade details Zack Ertz

The Cardinals traded back corner Tay Guin and 2022 in the fifth round in exchange for Ertz. Adam Shifter from ESPN Reports indicate that the Cardinals did not discuss the details of the contract with Ertz.

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