To celebrate the return of the third season of Succession, the streaming service is now bringing a slice of the Roy family’s dysfunction to the UK with a succession-inspired ‘takeover’ of football in Edinburgh.

In the final season of the hit show, Roman Roy (played by Kieran Culkin) buys Hearts to impress his father Logan (Brian Cox), only to awkwardly discover that his billionaire father is actually a fan of Hearts’ biggest rival across town, Hibernian.

In a candid nod to this story, streaming service NOW has partnered with High-flying Hearts to celebrate Roman Roy’s fictional takeover of the team.

The partnership sees the Roy family’s iconic Waystar Royco name added to the front of the iconic Hearts jerseys, as well as on branding within the club’s Tynecastle Park.

(LR) Cammy Devlin, Ben Woodburn, Benny Banningim, Robbie Nelson, Josh Jenley, Stephen Kingsley, John Sutter
(LR) Cami Devlin, Ben Woodburn, Benny Banningim, Robbie Nelson, Josh Genley, Stephen Kingsley, John Sutter (Credit: Sandy Young/

Club director Robbie Nelson and players John Sutter, Ben Woodburn, Stephen Kingsley and Benny Banningham have revealed the limited-edition shirts inspired by the succession.

Nelson said: “The club has been so excited to be featured on one of the main stories of one of the biggest TV shows on the planet, and we’re thrilled to work with NOW to help launch this partnership to celebrate the third season of the show today.

“Just like the Roy kids in succession, we are a club fighting for one place at the top. Although, unlike Roys, we know we can only get there by working together.”

In a season in which a variety of interesting and unusual brands have found their way to the forefront of football jerseys up and down the UK, the partnership stands out as a world first – and the first time ever that a major professional football team has topped it. The shirt is sponsored by a fictional company.

In keeping with the Roy family’s love of all things exclusive, only 95 Waystar-branded T-shirts have been created, which means the only way to get them is to now follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Hearts on Twitter to learn more about the T-shirt giveaway.

Hearts CEO Andrew McKinley added: “As fans of the show, we’re really excited to be working with NOW to bring this succession takeover to Tynecastle. We love watching the Hearts-related storylines on the show, although we’re thankful there aren’t any Roy family members present. They run the club in real life! Brian and Kieran are always welcomed at Tynecastle’s Director’s Box as a guest of the club’s true owners – the fans.”

For your chance to grab one of these highly coveted T-shirts, keep your eyes peeled on NOW’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Hearts FC’s Twitter for more details today.

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