It used to bother me but now I think it’s funny. Every December, my inbox is filled with emails from PR firms pushing predictions their clients have come to expect, hoping they’ll be mentioned in a flyer. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read “cloud security will remain on CIO’s priority list for the next year”. I really went out on a limb for that, Captain Opius. Many cloud predictions for 2022 are equally illogical.

Here in the real world, generalized predictions are rarely useful. Valuable forecast focuses on some of the detailed aspects of cloud computing. As organizations implement specific technology such as operations, development, governance, security, etc., those implementing these technologies need to know the potential changes as well as some upcoming changes. That’s why I like to focus my predictions on cloud computing in narrow computing versus cloud computing at large.

Here are two of my 2022 cloud predictions about governance and the cloud.

judgment. Multiple cloud forces and other forces driving cloud complexity will continue to emerge in 2022. Governance will become the focus of organizations that need to control their overly complex cloud platform. The spotlight will not be on governance in general, but rather on the high-priority issues that most companies will or already face, which is cost governance as it relates to financial operations (finops).

In most organizations, cloud costs got out of hand in 2021. The cloud provider does not raise prices, but employees who use cloud services are not held accountable. The many cost management solutions available can do a good job of monitoring who, when, where, why and how about cloud service consumption. These tools create great reports and dashboards. Unfortunately, they rarely deal with the underlying problem: the ability to react and respond dynamically to issues such as cloud services that are out of time of their usefulness, or overconsumption of cloud services by humans and systems that have no limits in place or other liability.

My Governance Prediction for 2022: Companies will focus on their governance issues. It will accelerate a refocusing on governance with purpose-built tools and customizations in response to organizations with at least 20% of workloads and data moving to the cloud. As organizations roll out problem-solving tools, the key success factor will be creating a culture of accountability around cloud cost management at the same time.

the clouds It has always been a focus of those implementing cloud-based systems, so what could be new in 2022? Expect to see a refocus on automation and abstraction, and how emerging tools can provide these capabilities.

At the heart of today’s cloud problems are cloud systems and even traditional systems that are very complex, which means there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of variance. I beat the cloudops complexity issue to death, and you may remember that it was a consistent prediction for me. Now the others are starting to Expressing cloud complexity issues. Perhaps most importantly, we are finally seeing tools tailored to meet the challenge.

The concepts of abstraction and automation are missing from most traditional cloud tools, as well as from newer AIops derivatives. Although most tool providers claim to have both, the truth is that automation systems (such as the ability to provide self-healing services) are pretty loosely coupled with process tools. In many cases, they are completely separate tools. Automation is the main weapon for fighting complexity because you want to automate many tasks of processes that can work with very complex systems.

I rarely see abstraction when I evaluate process tools. Most tools provide the ability to see very complex systems, but we have to treat each endpoint separately as abstraction layers. These layers can represent many things in total, such as storage and computation, and the best way to deal with them is by using simplified abstraction layers. The goal is to manage many different types and brands of cloud storage as a single unified concept and layer. This makes operations much simpler.

Cloud complexity issues are becoming more and more common this year. My prediction for 2022 is that organizations will pay more attention to tools that can help solve high-priority complexity issues, namely finops governance and cloud automation.

I hope you have a wonderful year.

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