Amazon Honeycode is spreadsheet oriented, no code The development platform that builds web and mobile web applications. A spreadsheet includes both data and formulas, and it has some database table functionality. To create an application from a spreadsheet, Honeycode contains a panel of user interface objects such as menus, input fields, and buttons. It also has a set of events and actions.

Honeycode currently offers 18 app templates to help you get started. These range from a basic Tasks app to a budget approval app with workflows.

For integration, you can use the Zapier, Amazon AppFlow, and Honeycode APIs. Of course, once you’ve used APIs, you’ve left the field of no code far behind.

As a low-code/no-code app builder from a major cloud service provider, Amazon Honeycode competes directly with Microsoft Power Apps on Azure and Google Cloud AppSheet. It also competes with around 400 low-code/no-code app builders.

Since Honeycode is a platform for no-code development, my goal with this review was to determine how far it can go, where it runs out, and how people can progress from there. When a non-programming team hits the wall with Honeycode, can they continue the project by bringing in programmers for small extensions, or will they have to start over with a completely different system?

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