“Collecting data on current customers ensures we know our demographics. Understanding at a detailed level how, and how often, customers interact with our digital assets helps us to focus cost and effort to the right areas,” says Lee, who leverages marketing automation tools to learn about customer interactions with his company’s systems and digital marketing. material for customizing the marketing to the life cycle stage.

“Use of real-time integration between our real estate inventory system and our project websites shows customers what is currently selling in projects,” he says.

Lee has redesigned all project websites so there is one CX strategy for all projects, meaning that customers do not have different and confusing experiences when browsing across projects. “We have tried to move to omnichannel experiences by creating a solid digital platform that is always present but, in our industry, supplemented by a physical presence, which is always going to be required,” he says.

To ensure hyperpersonalization, Rajat Bansal, CTO of India-based digital skill games company Games24x7, is leveraging state-of-the-art IT.

Games24x7 has a highly scalable gaming infrastructure that serves more than 100 million registered users across platforms. We believe that the most important thing is to understand the users as early as possible in their gaming lifecycle. The personalization journey begins from the moment a user enters the game. When players are served offers based on their profiles and preferences, our data science models help us identify their inclinations and preferences,” he says.

“We leverage AI, ML, data science, and analytics to offer a hyperpersonalized, immersive, and entertaining gameplay experience to our users at every stage of their gaming journey by building the right models to analyze user behaviour, customize gameplay, and provide an intuitive and safe experience,” Bansal says.

That safety is also essential, Lee adds, when it comes to using customers’ data to better serve them.

“CIOs need to make sure that the business understands the governance around data, which is the oil for CX, and how to manage it, so that the company remains safe and secure, while giving the business the framework to operate in order to meet the mission,” he says.

With that proper governance foundation in place, companies will be securely positioned to leverage the kinds of technologies that can take an organization’s CX to the next level, including “generative AI tools to converse with customers, API-led integration tools to streamline the flow of information, and leading-edge data and analytics to make information timely and accurate,” says Lee.

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