Minecraft’s next big update is called Trails & Tales. We already knew about most of the new features coming with the 1.20 update, but now we’ve also learned the release date: June 7th. The additions to the perennial voxel favorite include a pretty cherry blossom biome, an archeology feature, adorable rideable camels, and the fan-voted sniffer mob. Developer Mojang announced the date in their Minecraft Monthly video series.

Those new cherry blossom biomes bring new trees, meaning new types of wood, meaning new colors for craftable items. If you’ve ever longed for a pink-colored front door, now’s your time to shine. The camel mobs are another big highlight as they are able to seat two players, letting you stay close to your blocky friends. And let’s not forget the adorable sniffer, a new creature chosen during last year’s Minecraft mob vote.

We had already known about the archeology system too. Any “suspicious sand” blocks in the desert biome can be brushed away, revealing a pottery shard. Collect four of those and you’ll get a pot with a unique paint job. Finally, I’m a sucker for pretty bookshelves and efficient storage devices, so I would be very excited for the game’s new chiseled bookshelves if I were still a Minecrafter.

The embedded video above also quickly touches on this month’s event for Minecraft Legends that’ll grant you a unique mount skin. Our Ollie had mixed feelings about the action-RTS hybrid his review: “Once you’ve seen one biome, one mount, one piglin outpost, one well-defended base, you’ve seen them all.” Still might be worth a quick try on Game Pass, though.

Regular Minecraft is still as good as ever. Maybe even better. Both Java and Bedrock editions will get the Trails & Trials update on June 7th, as will the console versions.

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