GSC Game World, the Ukrainian devs working on STALKER 2: Heart Of Chernobylhave claimed that one of their employees has been hacked by a “community from a Russian social network” and the studio threatened with blackmail.

Announced via Twitter, GSC said that a “collective work-with-images application” was hacked and the information then used for “blackmail and intimidation”. GSC then urged that anyone who comes across leaked information doesn’t start sharing it across the web, as it would “dilute the impression of the final idea” that they’ve put into the game. Hear hear.

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Despite the obstacles GSC faces, they still remain committed to delivering STALKER 2 and, boy, do they deserve all the support in the world. The game looks fantastic from the snippets they’ve got shown off so far and I’m certainly not going to let any leaks sway my view on the game. It made it into us 101 most anticipated games of this year for a reason!

The release of STALKER 2 was understandably pushed from 2022 into 2023, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Some of the GSC staff relocated to Prague to continue working.

The game will be out sometime this year, and you can find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £50/$60/€60.

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