In a 2011 article in Atlantic OceanSenior Editor, Rebecca Rosen makes the case That clouds may be the most useful metaphor of all time, in part because they are constantly changing.

This is certainly the case for cloud computing.

And it is this tendency for constant change, the very nature of the cloud, that IT leaders struggle to adapt to, leading to high failure rates for cloud initiatives. “Most technology leaders have a hard time thinking about a resilient and dynamic infrastructure,” says Kenneth Johnson, cloud strategist for Blue Sentry Cloud, a company that specializes in complex enterprise cloud initiatives. “The traditional, static thinking makes it really difficult to effectively align the overall business strategy with the cloud strategy. This is part of what makes cloud initiatives so complex and why so many of them fail. Migrating to the cloud on time and on budget is challenging in itself. Innovate once The one there, be the hardest.”

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